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Water Softeners

Water with high content of magnesium, calcium and other irons supplements is known as hard water. These minerals cannot be consumed by humans. Also, hard water reacts poorly with soaps and does not allow the formation of foam. That is why for commercial, industrial and domestic applications it is required that these minerals are removed from water by making use of Water Softeners. Aquacare is counted amongst the top-notch Water Softener Suppliers in UAE, owing to the quality offered by us at market leading prices. These Water Softening Systems have been precisely engineered by our team and offer long years of service without any hassles.

The Mechanism of a Water Softener

Hard water is passed through a chemical matrix called zeolite, in which sodium ions are present. When hard water flows past in the Water Softener System, calcium and magnesium present in the water get exchanged with sodium, thereby making the water soft.

Regeneration Cycle of Water Softeners

Backwash Cycle

  • Eliminates accumulated debris from the resin bed
  • The exchanger is put off line and taken out of service
  • Untreated water moves upward through the resin bed and expands it by a minimum of 50%
  • Foulant materials are brushed away from the bead surface and the fractured beads are rinsed down from the tank

Brine Cycle

  • Through the resin bed, saturated salt solution is drawn up gently from the brine supply
  • Sodium ions from the salt brine replace calcium and magnesium ions once they are displaced from the zeolite

Rinse Cycle

  • A cycle comprising of a slow as well as a fast rinse phase takes off excessive hardness from the resin bed
  • In the slow cycle, the leftover salt brine is pushed out by raw water through the resin bed
  • During the fast rinse cycle, all the leftover displaced calcium and magnesium ions, unused salt brine is flushed away and the resin bed is packed and prepared for use

Service Cycle

  • After the downward flow from the resin bed, sodium ions replace the hard ions
  • The softener runoff is soft water with less than one granule of hardness