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Water Markers

Aquacare feels complacent about its excellent RO units, which are used for purest drinking water production. The water produced complies with the World Health Organization Standards too.

We leverage our Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems that are capable of producing water, which is 99.9% free from contaminating pollutants. The water gets filtered well and no viruses are found in the water. Our system is an assured system and cleans thoroughly and only pure water flows down. Every unit of our system is made from corrosion-resistant materials.

Plant Installation

We deliver excellent plant personnel training and installation supervision at the customers’ facility. We have deployed with us many experienced professionals who are always very courteous to the clients. We are also capable of providing the clients customized Installation Manuals.

Our name comes first when customers think about procuring reliable Water Purity Level Markers in UAE. Our Water Markers are known to be compact, simple and durable.