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Water Filtration

A comparatively inexpensive method of water treatment, Water Filtration is common to almost every household today. The set up can also be made to suit large industrial and commercial requirements. When it comes to the top-ranked Manufacturers and Suppliers of Water Filtration Systems in UAE, the name of Aquacare stands distinguished. This is because of the premium quality Water Filtration Plants we offer. Made at our advanced manufacturing unit, every component of these plants has been tested against industry benchmarks. Upon treatment through our filtration systems, water not only gets purified but also has its smell, taste and appearance improved.

A filtration system can be chosen as per various factors, such as, filtration rates, pressure rates, polishing requirements and dirt holding capacity. If you require a plant for Water Filtration in UAE, contact our team and we will assist with everything, from opting for a suitable Water Filtration Plant to installing it and training for using it.  


  • Improved taste of water
  • Improved quality of life
  • Convenience
  • Safety from water contaminates
  • Saves money and time

Factors to consider for choosing filters

  • Chemical characteristics of the media
  • Nature of solids
  • Water source
  • Flow rate
  • Required quality of treated water
  • Backwash water source