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UV & Ozone Disinfection

The process of UV Disinfection is one of the fastest and most effective ways of purifying water with less turbidity. Inside the UV Chamber, ultraviolet light rays inactivate microorganisms like cysts, leaving the water pure. Another method used for killing microorganisms is Ozone Disinfection, whereby the ozone gas breaks down chloramines through oxidation.

Aquacare is bringing forth reliable solutions for UV & Ozone Disinfection. The systems, we provide, have the capacity to treat millions of litres of water per day. Moreover, these systems do not require extensive maintenance, only the UV lamp would need periodic cleaning and replacement after six months.

Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology

Polluted water is flown into the UV Chambers, past a special lamp that emits germinal wavelengths of UV light. The UV energy of this light acts as a lethal dose for microorganisms, thus making the water clean. We are offering one of the best Wastewater Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems in UAE that has the following advantages:

Effective in destroying all bacteria and viruses

  • Low capital cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Environment friendly
  • Instant treatment process
  • No chemicals required
  • No change in taste, odour, pH value and other characteristics of water
  • Ease of maintenance and installation
  • Compatible with other water purifying methods
  • Automatic operations


  • Hospitals
  • Breweries farms
  • Electronics
  • Vending canneries printing
  • Cosmetics food products
  • Butter processing
  • Surface water laboratories
  • Bottled water plants
  • Ground water wineries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Bakeries
  • Schools
  • Boiler feed water