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Sewage Treatment Plants

Already the world is facing an acute shortage of potable water and if the wastewater from sewages is dumped into water bodies without being treated properly, it will surely have dire consequences for all. Aquacare is a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Service Provider of Sewage Water Treatment Systems in UAE, offering quality solutions for tackling this problem in a cost-effective manner. We bring forth customized solutions for sewage treatment in different specifications, capacities and technologies to suit the requirements of our clients. Moreover, our team of experts gives its full support and guidance for setting up of the Sewage Treatment Plant. 


Treatment Process

Our Packaged Sewage Treatment is also known as Decentralized Wastewater Treatment, whereby the principle of biological comprehensive aeration is applied. The process is similar to that of a variant of Activated Sludge Treatment Process. An atmosphere with ample level of oxygen and agitation is created that facilitates bio-oxidation of wastes to suitable discharge levels. Using a biological Wastewater Treatment System, bacteria and other microorganisms are eliminated from the organic matter.