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Oil & Water Separators

Aquacare has a substantial track record of setting up numerous Oil and Water Separators Plants in UAE. The Oil and Water Separators, provided by us, can remove non-emulsified oil down to approximately 10mg/l. The fundamental principle of working of these separators is the difference of density of oil and solid particles compared to water. There is no requirement of chemical additives in this process. Oil that comes over to the surface of the separator is saved separately. Use of our Oil and Water Separators Systems does not harm the environment in any way and is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

As a reputed Manufacturer, Supplier and Service Provider for Oil and Water Separators in UAE, we ensure that our quality standards are maintained for the products as well as the services. Thus, our team helps you throughout the procedure of setting up the plant and is ready to assist even afterwards for any related matter.


  • Oil production and storage areas
  • Surface and wash water from petrol stations
  • Transportation fuelling systems
  • Treatment of waste water from oil-removal plants
  • Gasoline stations and other fuelling facilities
  • Water treatment plant
  • Car wash and repair workshops, water recycling and pressure wash cleaning
  • Treatment of industrial process waste water
  • Electrical transformers


  • Incredible cleaning results
  • Lifting equipment is not required
  • Space saving
  • Less installation time
  • Easy handing
  • Low maintenance & pump out costs