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De-Ionisation & De-Mineralisation

The process of eliminating cation and anion ions from water is referred to as Water De Ionisation. This method is also used for removing minerals from water and thus also known as Water De Mineralisation. Instead of organic and inorganic chemicals, the Deionisation Process consumes processed water and makes use of synthetic resins like the Water Softeners.
If you are looking for a Manufacturer and Supplier of Water Demineralisation Systems in UAE, then your search ends at Aquacare. Using advanced technology, we engineer each and every component of this system with precision. Our Water Demineralisation Systems are the most cost-effective solutions for getting pure water. We make available the services of our field experts who can assist with the process of installation and provide detailed manuals for operations. They also make sure that the work is done in a timely manner. In case, some problem arises with the system later, the team will promptly make itself available.


Dual Bed Deionisation

  • Resin type is in a disconnected vessel
  • Produces lesser quality of water

Mixed Bed Deionisation

  • Generates water having the lowest ionic absorptions
  • Contains both cation and anion resins in a common vessel
  • Polishes the water to very high quality

Standard Features

  • No unrefined bypass water
  • Automatic shut off in case of power failure
  • Solid, non-corrosive components
  • Automatic revival after manual instigation
  • Modular construction and convenient
  • Regular monitoring of water quality
  • Solid-state dependability for trouble-free service
  • Robust skid and standard design
  • Battery operated conductivity meter

Fitting non-return valves and break tanks is optional

  • Advantages and Benefits
  • Effortless and economical installation
  • Long life and reliability
  • Less installation cost
  • Ensures rapid start-up time