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About Aquacare®

Whether you're looking for a home water purification system, want healthy water for your family, or you're just trying to figure out what's wrong with your water, Our purpose is to determine and educate on potential dangers within the air and water in our daily lives, and to offer consultation on the remediation, repair or reduction of those harmful elements that are in your living, sleeping and work environments.

We take seriously any waterborne contaminants that are in our living spaces which should and can be controlled or fully eliminated. We have witnessed in our personal and business lives, how purified water can improve the quality of life for you and your family. Our offering of well-researched, high- quality product. Situation is even worse in the third world countries where even provision of water is a big problem.

The serious water issues affecting all including developed as well as developing countries, if not made a priority, threaten to impact the economy and society as a whole. Every day, communities learn that their water is contaminated or their municipal water system is in need of repair. Millions of homeowners add point-of-use treatment devices not only for convenience and comfort, but also over concern for water quality. Similarly, businesses faced with increasingly stringent environmental

Few Facts About Water

waterAt times people tend to take water for granted, considering this commodity as plentiful, not as a valuable source, which needs to be duly conserved and handled properly. Clearly, as the demand for water increases from ever-growing populations, use of insecticides and colossal pesticides for agricultural gains and growth in modern industry, further compounded by water quality issues and the need to build and upgrade water infrastructure; so will the need to manage, recycle and conserve the world's water.

Many municipalities around the world are facing a water infrastructure crisis, in which systems are deteriorating and need repair or replacement. Distribution systems in the world are in such despair; they face water leakage rates of greater than 50 percent. In United States alone, thousands of community water systems need significant upgrades to meet new federal standards for drinking water and wastewater treatment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates it will cost the 55,000 community water systems more than $150.9 billion over the next 20 years to maintain the safety and quality of the water infrastructure.

The regulations and facility cost constraints must spend time and money to ensure their company's water treatment processes are in compliance and capable of meeting production requirements. The market trends are undeniable and robust; companies engaged in the delivery of service, products and most importantly solutions to the residential customers of this country would enjoy strong demand for years to come.